The Entrance Into the World of Braid


So I have started playing Braid. The game opens with a very dark scene. Under the large golden title in a dull orange and brown city 2-dimensional was a black bridge. At first I did not see the sprite because he was presented a black figure blending in with the foreground. Once I figured out where he was I walked the only available direction right. The violin played in a minor key was fitting for the portrayed set. It created an empty and curious atmosphere. Since ive seen the vivacious video game, the world I was thrown into was very peculiar; I believe it could be a foreshadowing. Without a given task I did what I believe most gamers would do, walk around and test the controls real quick. As I continued right walking under bright street light my black shaded sprite morphed into the character Tim. He is short orange haired fellow wearing a relaxed suit with a neutral expression. Interestingly, when directing his view up he has an anxious look on his face, but when directing it down, a happier and grinning character is shown. Continuing the only provided direction I ascended stairs and entered what looked like a condominium. It had five rooms, and one bathroom. The only way to change flights was by a ladder. The first three rooms on the first floor look like a family room, child’s room, and an office. The aqua shaded family room appeared to be male oriented with a large stereo and other electronics. The child’s room was green and seemed to belong to a boy. The third room was blue and I believe is meant to be a cluttered work space; with an office desk with stacked boxes and a shelf. Something I noticed was an forgotten teddy bear on the top shelf with a peculiar look on its face. It was almost a pondering look, its hand under its raised head gazing into the above light. As I descended the ladder the room to the farthest left was the kitchen. There is nothing much to point out but only an empty orange kitchen. The next room was the purple dining room adorned with candles. The final room the bathroom; its light were off but switched once I entered. On a shelf were toy blocks with the letters “w, a, s, d, and z”, these or the arrow keys are the controls to the game. The five rooms all had an empty wall. The blank walls are characterized by different brush strokes but all in a pale yellow. I was able to rise to see a third floor which holds what seems to be an abandoned attic. I was unable to get there because the ladder was cut short. To the right of where the ladder stopped continued a series of 5 ladder segments, each a different color. All in all this is probably Tim’s house and the only place I have yet to experience.


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miZ36a, Thu, 2011-04-28 23:08

AAAH Professor, this is suppose to be a GLOG, still figuring out how to upload it in that format

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