Due Date: 
Thursday, April 28, 2011
200 points

Note: Please consult these guidelines when adding items to the Omeka archive (canon.gameology.org).

The final project for this seminar will be a series of web-based "exhibits," showcasing the games we have chosen for canonization. Working in a group, you will collect and curate different game-related resources, including secondary readings, screenshots, gameplay footage, and criticism.

Once the final selection of our 10 games has been complete (goal: April 7), you will organize yourselves into teams. If the game you proposed makes the final list, you are the team leader for that game, and you can recruit 2 or 3 colleagues (from either section) to work with you in preparing the exhibit. If your game was not chosen, contact team leaders for games you're interested in to apply for membership. (Again, working across sections is encouraged.)

Teams should be assembled no later than April 12, at which point, work should begin on the exhibit.


As a team, each group should assemble the following:

- complete development and publication data on the game you are canonizing
- complete information for each iteration of the game (sequels and ports)
- cover art for each iteration of the game (within reason)
- representative screenshots for each significant iteration of the game
- gameplay footage of the primary version of the game
- a bibliography of scholarly sources (books, essays, journal articles) that discuss the game. At least 12 items.
- a bibliography of journalistic treatments of the game (reviews, newspaper columns, etc. At least 12 items.

In addition to contributing to the resources listed above, each team member is responsible for an essay (3 - 5 pages) on one of the topics below. You may propose additional topics, but overlapping essay coverage should be avoided.

- Preservation. Considerations and strategies for preserving this game.
- Community. A discussion of who plays/played this game and relevant community formation.
- Analysis. A "close playing" of the game focusing on detailed, specific analysis of the game's contents and formal structures..
- Criticism. An analysis of the game focusing on structures of power and authority within the game, for example with a focus on race, class and/or gender.

Collection and Dissemination

All of these elements will be hosted on a web site. Details forthcoming.

All data elements will be due on April 21, along with drafts of your essays. Final essay drafts and peer evaluations are due Thursday, April 28 by 6:00 PM.


This project is worth 200 points or 20% of your final grade, broken down as follows:

Item Value Criteria
Game Data (images, bibliography, etc.) 100 All members of the group receive a collective grade for this.
Essay 60 Graded individually, evaluated on content (how well the topic is covered) and clarity (grammar, style, effectiveness, etc.).
Participation 40 An assessment of each individual's contribution to the project as a whole.*

* Your participation grade will be influenced by a confidential group report in which each team member provides an evaluation of their peers. You must submit a peer evaluation report in order to receive a participation grade for this assignment.