Game Logging (Glogging)

Due Date: 
Thursday, April 28, 2011
250 points

Your gaming log will be a major component of your grade this semester. Early on, you'll choose a game to study, and play it throughout the semester. The emphasis here is on thoughtful, reflective play, so you'll keep track of your progress and insights by posting them in a weekly gaming log, or "glog". At the end of the semester, this glog will be evaluated for the following criteria:

+ post at least weekly
+ create a sustained and interesting conversation
+ build and customize your site in a way that makes it distinct
+ incorporate reflection and insights from the assigned readings

The game itself is up to you, but it must be approved, since some games lend themselves better to this kind of analysis than others. In most cases, AAA games with strong narrative components will make good choices. (If you're unsure where to begin, I can make some suggestions.)

This assignment is due at the end of the semester (April 28, technically, which is the week after class ends), but it will also receive a preliminary evaluation before Spring Break (on February 24). These two evaluations will be identical, except that the second will override the first. In other words, after the first evaluation, you may decide you need to take a different approach in order to receive a better grade. If you work hard the second half of the semester, you'll have a better grade when the second evaluation comes around.