Proposal - Oral

Due Date: 
Thursday, March 10, 2011
100 points

Note: Please send me your presentation files NO LATER than 10:00AM, March 10. I need to preload these to make sure your presentations flow smoothly. When you send it, please employ the following naming convention: "lastname_game.ppt". (E.g. "whalen_adventure.ppt").

The key problem or question of this semester is to determine which games we will add to our new list of games to be canonized. This will be negotiated through a deliberate, persuasive effort. The first part of that effort will be an oral presentation, in which you choose a game, research it, and prepare a persuasive presentation. These presentations will be brief and focused, following a pecha kucha format.


Pecha kucha is a type of constrained format in which specific rules define the length and pace of the presentation. In this case, your presentation must contain exactly 10 slides, each of which must be on screen for 20 seconds. (Note: Your title slide does not count toward 10.)


Your objective in this presentation will be to convince your colleagues that the game your proposing should be selected for our new canon. In other words, your goal is to be persuasive. At a minimum, your presentation should include the following information about your game:

  • Full, Specific Name (if it's a series, that would include all games in your series)
  • Year (or years) of publication
  • Developer (if one is known)
  • Publisher (if applicable)
  • Platform or platforms
  • Genre (i.e. FPS, RTS, RPG, Action, Adventure, etc.)

Other elements are optional and will vary in relevance depending on your game. Consider how best to use your time

  • A description of gameplay
  • A summary of the game's story
  • Critical reception / commentary
  • Relevant contemporaneous reviews


Your presentation will be evaluated on a simple rubric. For each of the following 10 items, I will assign you a score on a scale of 0 - 10.

  1. Did the presentation correctly include the specific game title or titles?
  2. Did the presentation include accurate publication details (developer, publisher, year, platform)?
  3. Did the presentation correctly convey the game's genre?
  4. Did the presentation flow smoothly and logically from one point to the next?
  5. Did the presentation convey a logical and focused organization?
  6. Did the presenter speak clearly and coherently?
  7. Did the presenter's body language convey interest and enthusiasm for the presentation?
  8. Did the presenter use the time well?
  9. Did the presentation follow the presentation rules?
  10. Did the presentation make good use of visual material? *

* - Use images from the game wherever possible; avoid text-heavy slides.