Sony was Hacked?


PlayStation Network has been hacked?! Just recently, PSN has been hacked and over 70 million user information has been leaked. The hacker is said to have user's information, passwords, address, and it is questionable whether he or she has user credit card information. The only lead to why this occurred is an act of revenge. It is believed that someone did this to get back at PSN. However no other information is out on this occurrence.

There has been investigations launched on this action to see what happened and who did this. PSN is currently down due to the interruption of the server. They promise to have servers back up and running soon and wishes to find the doer of this.
Hacking has been a popular thing lately. Many users have hacked their XBOX or PS3 to get something out of it. Often achievements or higher scores. But never has anyone successfully hacked a server to achieve personal information. Another question to ask, is that what is someone going to do to with all these user names and passwords? Is the only purpose to get revenge on Sony? As this is still fresh we should ask ourselves what the point is.

Because of this hacking of the PlayStation network, will this change anything about the service that Sony provides. PSN has been a free service unlike it's competitor microsoft and the Xbox live. Will Sony change the policy and begin to charge users because of this incident? If so how will this have an impact on the multiplayer sensation? These are just a few things to look forward to, whether or not anything will change due to this incident. Sony will surely answer these questions in the course of the next week.

Above are just some of the questions that came to my mind when reading this article. However the article itself had some questions of its own. Will the security of PSN change after this incident? In the past Sony has released patches due to hacking of the server. But now that someone successfully broke in, will they change the format of how PSN operates? Again these are questions that gamers and users of PSN have to ask.

Hacking is a big part of game culture, just as PSN and Xbox Live is to. The multiplayer sensation is the new game culture. People have never stopped hacking, people hack to be better at a game or for personal gains. This is what is believed to have happen in this instance. Someone hacked to get revenge. I believe that hacking will not stop because of this and there will only be more, now that someone has set an example for this. I believe that servers and providers should make a stricter policy with problems like these. Hackers are really simple to point out, they often have different color names or high scores, and servers should make it a priority to remove these people to protect the information of others. In this time of chaos PSN should take advantage and charge for subscriptions so that it makes it a little more difficult to hack or diminish the want to hack the server.

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