I'm Braiding. Anyone want their hair did?


So I have decided the video game Braid for my glog entries. If you fellow vgc members remember we were shown this game during a lecture. It is a platform game, meaning it is characterized by requiring the player to jump over obstacles and overcome puzzles. I personally was never a “platformer” but more of a first-person shooter. The thing that caught my attention was the games music, adventure, and intriguing set displayed.
Braid was developed by Number None, Inc. and Hothead Games for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux in 2008 and 2009. The game was designed by Jonathan Blow. I personally just bought the version through steam for ten dollars which received a 91% bye GameRankings
The music behind Braid was very interesting for a game. It was not an monotonous theme like from the Mario series and it was not anything enticing or face passed. It was a mellow and calm style, similar to Irish folk music. Music I believe is an essential characterics with platformer games, creating a feel or aura setting the mood within the environment. Braids soothing music was something different in video games.
The game set was pretty cool, adventurous in the retrospect that it was set in the outdoors under a sun with flourishing flora. There were animals, a strange mystical sort of creature walking about. The game was not adventurous as in a free-raom world but in the sence that it was a lush and worldly enviroment
The last aspect that I found interesting was the 2- dimensional artwork. Its artwork seemed to be a fantastic correlation with the music. The colors were vivid and scintillating creating an optimistic and prosperous environment. The imperfectly painted yet colorful setting created a lively and hopeful atmosphere. An open world free of mistakes and spirit,

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